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If a picture speaks a thousand words how many words does a video speak? A video engages your audience, communicating your message clearly and effectively. Every organisation needs an online presence and a clear message. A video both interests and engages. People who reach your site stay longer when there is a video. “How to” videos explain, animations have impact, event videos boost attendance figures and promotional videos advertise 24/7, 365 days a year. The right video can be your best advocate.

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Our Video Services:


As experienced event filmmakers, we have covered a whole host of events including: conferences, celebrations, corporate, music/gigs, arts events and performances. If you have an event you would like us to cover, we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.


We have a keen eye for producing high quality Promotional Videos. We can promote you, your product, service, event or company in a wide variety of creative and engaging ways. Fast paced video promo? Slow sleek product advert with gliding close ups? Event coverage? Graphics or animations needed? We're experienced in all of the above.


High quality animations offer a very effective way to capture and engage audiences. Animations can be used to explain whole websites and concepts in minutes. Animations fuel interest, which turns potential customers, into actual customers.


Motion infographics videos often mix filmed video, with layers of text and graphics like pie charts, moving text or objects and sometimes include characters. Motion infographics are a fairly new type of animation. Like traditional animations, they are good for explaining concepts, numbers, and significantly for making videos( and data) more appealing and emotive. They can be incorporated within a video or documentary, or act as a standalone promotional video.


Mixing footage and other elements, such as filmed interviews and event footage with animations and graphics, produces interesting and appealing videos. Mixed media videos are growing in popularity, as they are a great way of livening up videos and making content more interesting, particularly for videos longer than a couple of minutes.


Music videos are terrific, when they are done well. Production values, creativity, and a diverse range of skills are all needed to product a great music video. Great music videos look fresh for years, even decades. Whether you want a multi location shoot, an animation, or a mixed media music video, Media Spider are keen to help create the perfect video for you.


Viral Videos are videos that spread like wildfire online. Viral videos are great for exposure and increasing online traffic in short bursts. With connections, with online influencers via our outreach work, we can product a shareable, good quality video and can leverage it, by spreading it with online influencers- reaching thousands of people within minutes.